The Partners


Proof102Maffrine came from a small town in Malaysia. She traveled and lived in several cities in the world only to find herself settling down in Los Angeles when she married the love of her life, Tony.  She enjoys being a stay-at-home mom with their baby girl Joelle, a.k.a. Chu Chu (short from Chubby Chu Chu).  She also loves surprising her husband with her many culinary experiments from her kitchen.  She nonchalantly puts her friends to these gastronomic adventures, too, making her home a place for frequent fellowship over food.  In addition to food, Maffrine drools over mid-century modern furniture and architecture, and is a bargain hunter at heart.  She often daydreams about knocking down this and that wall in her house and adding this and that to this and that room.  She often finds herself putting down her crazy ideas in her sketchbook.  One of these days (at least in her wildest imagination) she is going to plow the land and plant a drought tolerant garden in her yard!



Ophelia, also more endearingly known as Ophy since the age of 6, lives in Sterling, VA with her husband Adam and their two furry children, Lord Voldemort (LV) and Joy Joy (JJ).  Having recently just moved to Virgina, Ophelia is busy doing one of the things she loves most – designing her newly purchased home!  She also enjoys trying out new recipes, mostly from Real Simple Magazine, because…well, she is their self-proclaimed walking advertisement.   When she is not working or cooking, she is getting lost in a good novel or feeding her addiction to spy and crime shows like NCIS, Blacklist, and Alias (yes, it is an old series, but she can watch it over and over again!)


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