One in A Million

Our "One in a Million" Happy Birthday Card

Our “One in a Million” Happy Birthday Card

Birthdays are special times when we get to celebrate an individual – his personality, his humor, his kindness, his achievements, his relationships with us and others, etc.  In other words, we celebrate how God has shaped this person into who he is today.  The apostle Paul says in Ephesians 2:10:

“For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand so that we would walk in them.”

We, along with those we celebrate, are like clay being molded into fine pottery by the hands of our Maker.  Each individual is shaped differently and thus, the title of our Happy Birthday card – “One in a Million”.

As a way of introducing our birthday card, we wanted to celebrate one of our friends, whose birthday is tomorrow!  Monica is wife to John and mother to Charissa.  They currently live in Asia as missionaries and are expecting to have their second child.  Below is a short interview we had with her about her birthday.

IP: What is your favorite birthday present thus far?

M: I don’t remember many of the presents, but my sister gave me a beaded bracelet one year. And she gave me a photo book with pictures from birth to present.


IP:  How did you celebrate your birthday this year?

M: Spend some family time and probably go out for some western food.


IP: How is celebrating your birthday as a missionary in Asia different from celebrating your birthday in America?

M: It’s more low-key. I might have to treat some people out instead because the tradition is reversed for more traditional people.


IP: Describe your most memorable birthday.

M: One year, John pulled out a surprise by bringing me to a lunch celebration that was supposed to be just the two of us, but friends were waiting there already.


IP: How would you say God has shaped you over the years into the person you are today?

M: God has taught me over the years that my home is not on this earth, that I need to fix my eyes on the heavenly home. Colossians 3.

God has been gracious and faithful to keep me in His love and care despite my failures and He has used these failures to lead me to Christlikeness. Romans 8:28.


IP: How can we be praying for you?

M: Please pray that I would continue to fix my eyes on things above and depend on Him to run this race.


Maffrine: As one of your closest friends, I just wanted you to know that I appreciate how thoughtful and generous you are.  Every time you give me a gift, it makes me want to be more thoughtful and generous.  Your sincerity is also very touching.  I always enjoy our conversations.  Last but not least, I love your sense of style!  Thank you for being such a great friend and example!

We hope you like our birthday card and take the opportunity to use it as a means to share with people just how much you appreciate them.

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Grand Opening!

Our first line of cards!

We have launched “In Numbers” – Our first line of cards!

Welcome to our blog!  We are very excited to present the grand opening of Intwine Paperie!  In God’s perfect timing, we get to see our dream come to fruition, and we get to share that dream with you!  Our vision was to start a home-based business through which we can marry our passion for design and our passion for God and His people.  The product of this vision is Intwine Paperie, a business dedicated to creating beautiful and Scripture-inspired art in the form of greeting cards.  You are welcome to read more about our business and who we (the partners) are on our “About” and “The Partners” pages respectively.  Please also check out our first line of cards, titled “In Numbers”, on our Facebook page and in our Etsy shop.  Feel free to like us, share us, and make a comment.  We would love to hear your thoughts on our business and our products.  We also want to simply get to know you, so don’t be shy!  We will be introducing our “In Numbers” line of greeting cards on our next post.  To make sure you don’t miss it, you can follow our blog via email.  To celebrate our grand opening, we are offering a one-time 20% discount on your entire next order made within the month of April to those of you who follow our blog or like and share us on our Facebook page.  Just make sure you either tag us on the post or message us so that we know you did it!  We look forward to starting a relationship with you!