2 Letters, 2 Lessons, & 2 Video Messages: What a College Student Learned from Her Father

My dad's letters to me

My dad’s letters to me

A few weeks ago, when I was putting my home office together, I found 2 letters that my dad wrote during my college years.  The first letter was to me; and the second letter was to both me and my sister.  As I read through these, I was touched once again by my dad’s genuine desire to guide and protect his daughters.  I was also reminded of the 2 lessons that he had wanted to pass down to us at the time.

However, last week, my mom called me and asked me to create a video message for my parents’ Father’s Day celebration.  The women and children of the church were putting together a collection of video messages for all the fathers in the church.  This past Sunday, they actually played these videos as part of their service.

At first, I said, “Uh…no!”.  Being on video is not on the list of my top favorite things to do.  However, I realized that this afforded me the opportunity to express my appreciation to my dad for the letters he wrote so many years ago, so I made a video…but then, it turned out it was way too long.   So…I dragged Adam into the project, and we made a second shorter video.  Then, we submitted both videos to my mom – the longer one for my dad’s personal viewing, and the shorter one for the church’s viewing.

While I am a little nervous of putting these two videos up on the internet (my first time!), I want to honor my dad by sharing these letters, lessons, and video messages with you this Father’s Day.

Maybe, one day, I will get to write letters to my own children.  =)

– Ophelia