M-A-F-F-R-I-N-E & O-P-H-E-L-I-A

Since starting Intwine Paperie, our friends and family have been asking us about our individual roles in the business.  Then, we thought that if they wanted to know what we each do here, you might want to know as well!  So, I decided that it would be entertaining to provide you with acrostic breakdowns of our roles.   The following job titles are all in fun, but they do help to generate a better picture of how Maffrine and I work together to create our cards and to run our business.

With no further ado…THIS is what my beautiful and extremely talented business partner and friend does each week:

P1060765M – Mother

Before starting Intwine Paperie, Maffrine and I committed to keeping God and family as priority over our business.  That is why, during our Skype meetings or her designing, Maffrine will take the time to feed her baby girl or change her diaper.  I also get the privilege of being Auntie and playing peek-a-boo over Skype!  In a way, baby Joelle runs our business meetings!  Haha!

A – Art Director/Lead Designer

Once we have figured out the conceptual design of a product, Maffrine is responsible for taking the design from concept to completion.  This involves anything from research, sketching, collaging, illustrating, etc.

F – Financial Analyst

As the financial analyst, Maffrine evaluates our expenses and revenues.  Based on her analysis, we determine our budget, prices, fees, financial goals, etc.

 F – Fotographer

Yes, I know photographer is not spelled with an “F”, but acrostics are difficult.  ;D  Maffrine is our product photographer.  Her innate talent allows us to view our products through her artistic eye.

 R – Researcher

After we have selected an inspiration Bible verse or passage, both Maffrine and I study it in order to understand it as much as we can.  We look into its historical context, literary context, word definitions, etc.  We want to be able to communicate through our art the intended meaning of God’s Word.

 I – Illustrator

As illustrator, Maffrine utilizes not only software programs, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and AutoCad, but also pencils and markers to put our ideas onto paper.

N – Neat freak (a.k.a. Production Worker, Quality Control) 

When the artwork is done, Maffrine is responsible for producing and packaging each card.  This involves printing, cutting, scoring, folding, stuffing, and shipping!  Phew!  When you buy or receive a card from us, you will be able to tell just how much care she puts into this process.  Boy, I am so grateful for her!

E – Editor of Literature

While Maffrine would say that she hates writing and that her English is not very good, she (and sometimes her husband Tony!  Thanks, Tony!) does a great job editing all that I write.  She makes sure that all that we put out there in the worldwide web serves our purpose, encourages you, and, most importantly, honors our God.

Now, on my end of the business, I act as:


 O – Operations/Shop Manager

This part of my job requires me to maintain our Etsy shop, which includes creating listings for our products, processing orders, and conducting business with Etsy.

 P – Publicist

As publicist, I have the fun tasks of blogging and keeping up with social media.  In other words, I get to interact with all you lovely people!  =D

H – Help Desk/Customer Service Provider

Somewhat related to my previous job description, I also communicate with all our customers, making sure that they receive exactly what they ordered.  I always enjoy this part of my job, because, while we seek to encourage others, I am the one usually being encouraged by our customers!

E – Editor of Design

The advantage of working with another person is that we can edit each other’s work.  So, while Maffrine edits my writing, I get to edit her design, pointing out elements that work well or could be improved upon.  Our collaboration is what paves the way to a great art piece!

L – Literary Composer 

This is just a fancy title for writer.  All the writing that you see, from product descriptions to Facebook posts to blog posts, are done by yours truly.  The funny thing is that English composition was my least favorite high school subject, second only to PE (my grades can prove this).  Now, I love writing!

I – Ideas Person (a.k.a. Conceptual Designer, Researcher)

As the ideas person, I search the Bible for verses that we may use for any and all our future projects.  When I discover a verse/passage that might work, I brainstorm and massage ideas until a strong concept emerges.

A – Accountant

In this role, I record all transactions with customers and vendors, making sure that we are prepared for tax season and any scary audits!

I hope that this provides you with a better understanding of what we do exactly at Intwine Paperie.  We love each aspect of our job and am so very thankful to be a part of what we pray would be a great ministry to you and others.


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